Virgin America

Launching A True Challenger Brand

It’s not often a brand has a single partner for their entire life. We’re honored to say we were with Virgin America from wheels up in 2008 to their last hurrah in 2017. Together, we banished mediocrity from the skies, recruited Flydealists, and delivered a breath of fresh airline. It was an epic journey—with just the right mood lighting.

Virgin America Shoe

Virgin America asked us for a campaign to highlight their first class amenities. Our answer was the First Class Shoe. Showcasing everything in their first class cabins—from Italian leather and mood lighting, to Wi-Fi, a video display, and a phone charger—these one-of-a-kind kicks generated national buzz.

“These ridiculous shoes are the future of footwear.”

— Thrillist

BLAH video

How do you promote something as mundane as a new airline route from New Jersey to Los Angeles? By shining a light on how agonizing the experience had been until Virgin America came along. We helped them achieve legitimate cult status with a YouTube pre-roll literally as long as the flight and celebrated for its painfully awkward realism.

“The viral launch of BLAH Airlines earlier this year is a great example. […] With some imagination and subtlety, our team was able to get one over on the competition—without mentioning any company by name.”

— Richard Branson,


For Virgin America’s launch campaign, we sparked a revolution against airline tyranny. Taking the best from futurism, Space Race propaganda, and populist movements, we unleashed stylish ads that showed consumers they had a new ally in the sky. We’ve never been accused of being dispassionate.


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Experience Virgin America: OOH and In-flight Interactive Experience

Virgin America wanted jaded airline passengers to experience revitalized air travel for themselves. So we leveraged influencers and tastemakers to invite folks into a cutting-edge interactive online site where they could experience in-flight amenities first-hand. This was echoed in banners, OOH, and public installations.

Departure Date film

To announce a new mileage-sharing program for all three Virgin airlines, we produced an unprecedented film shot entirely at 35,000 feet aboard all three airlines—turning product placement on its head by putting the story in the product. We boosted the message with contests and other promotions for all three airlines on one shared site.

Breath of Fresh Airline

For this campaign, we created larger-than-life characters to personify Virgin America’s unique amenities. We chose a voyeuristic approach to inspire a “wish I was there” feeling in our audience.