An 11 is the surprise you didn’t see coming. The outcome you swore would never be possible. The shares and tweets you’ve lost count of. On a scale of one to ten, it’s not. We named our agency Eleven as a constant, nagging reminder to ourselves that good is the enemy of great—and great is the enemy of something even better.


Brands today exist in an insanely fragmented world. Consumers’ attention is pulled In a thousand directions at once. Choices are endless. Distractions are everywhere. Messages flicker, then disappear. We believe the most successful brands are those in which everyone and everything relentlessly delivers on a single, powerful idea. Discovering such an idea, and then bringing it to life creatively and consistently, is what Eleven does best.


Building fully imagined, fully realized, fully aligned brands isn’t just our philosophy. It’s our reality. So much so that it’s shaped Eleven’s structure, services, partnerships, and principles.

OUR STRUCTURE is based on two “houses” which mirror the two fundamental needs of a great brand. Eleven’s Design & Innovation Group (DIG) creates brand platforms that inform customer impressions and experiences at every touchpoint. Eleven Comms creates campaigns that pop brands into the cultural zeitgeist through paid media, social media, events, and public stunts. The tight collaboration between both teams is where the magic happens.

OUR PARTNERSHIPS within the Plus Company global agency network complete Eleven’s ability to deliver a unified brand experience. We frequently team with best-of-breed specialists in media and analytics, social insights, influencer marketing, public relations, and product design.

OUR SERVICES cover most of the strategic, creative, and production capabilities needed to create an integrated brand: consumer insights, brand architecture, advertising, content creation, social activation, identity design, product ideation, packaging, employee comms...well, It’s a long list.

OUR PRINCIPLES all stem from the same, deceptively simple belief that Everything Matters: every medium, every detail, every touchpoint, every voice. These principles have been embedded in our culture since Eleven began. They’re responsible for every decision we make, every person we hire, every award we win, and every outcome we earn.


Our mission is to increase diverse representation at every level of Eleven. Creating an inclusive culture where we focus on hiring, nurturing, promoting, and retaining historically excluded talent at all levels to ensure our work is reflective of the world we live in.

HIRING: Ensure specific goals for agency hiring (by group, by level, and in totality) are being set and achieved.

EDUCATION & AWARENESS: Continue to plan and promote programming that focuses on education and creating a platform for DEI topics.

PROMOTING: Develop a formal process for internal promotions, unbiased reviews, and mentoring junior talent.

TRANSPARENCY & ACCOUNTABILITY: Be transparent and hold the agency accountable through regular reporting of activities and progress.

NURTURING & RETENTION: Develop programs centered around nurturing and retaining existing talent.

WORK PRODUCT: DEI Steering Committee to be used as a resource to ensure our work is indeed culturally reflective of the world we live in.


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