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Heidi Taglio

Head of Talent

Heidi’s thoughtful leadership and savvy talent acquisition have helped create an environment of happiness and growth for individual employees and for Eleven as a whole. In many ways, Heidi isn’t your typical HR director—and that’s no accident.

Her straightforwardness is balanced by kindness, empathy, and humor.

She’s strong yet incredibly approachable. A big part of her job here is talent acquisition and retention; and she’s been instrumental in assembling Eleven’s teams of artists, storytellers, strategists, content creators, facilitators, and support personnel.

She is also a business advisory council member of The Arc of San Francisco—a nonprofit that advocates for adults with developmental disabilities—and as a result, Eleven has had an Arc-supported employee on staff since 2005. She was nominated for San Francisco Business Times Most Influential Women in Business in 2013. In the same year, she received the 3 Cheers Award presented by the organizers of The 3% Conference, a organization focused on bringing more women into leadership positions within the industry.

Eleven is a place where people are encouraged to be true to themselves, where people’s talents are recognized and appreciated—even if those talents have nothing to do with their job. Heidi is, essentially, the embodiment of this. Her thoughtful leadership has helped create an environment of happiness and growth, for employees and the organization as a whole. And Eleven is a better place because of that.


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