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Jack Harding

Creative Director

Jack is funny. And not just in a “chuckle on the inside” sort of way—he’s the kind of funny that makes you jealous. Lucky for Eleven, that sense of humor is a testament to his creativity, his drive to come up with ideas that are hard to ignore (not that you’d want to). To him, that’s one of the most important parts of his job, along with helping his fellow creatives make work that’s hard to ignore.

Because when you do that, your clients’ brands won’t be ignored.

His client roster spans several pages—he’s worked on just about everything from the California Lottery to Gallo Wines to Apple, all right here in San Francisco. He’s decorated with just about every award in the business, including three Cannes Lions and the Howard Gossage Award, which is given to the top copywriter of the year in San Francisco. Beyond that, Jack is friendly, dependable, and almost always on point.


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