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Mike McKay

Chief Creative Officer

Mike tends to dream more than he sleeps. You’ll find him listening, watching, taking in the world around him – then creating “stuff people love and remember.” His creative curiosity led him to the doors of advertising 20 years ago, and he’s been dreaming up things for clients ever since.

When you create an authentic emotional connection between consumers & brands with compelling content, not only will they remember it—they’ll share it.

Rather than creating work that simply holds a mirror up to the consumer, Mike’s goal has always been to create content that makes people “feel something” so they’ll remember it, and share it — content that “forges an emotional connection between the consumer and the brand or product. Content consumers can experience”

This more emotional and instinctual approach to content creation has not only generated results for clients, it has also resulted in his work being featured at TED, The Museum of Modern Art, Time Magazine, and YouTube’s Top Ten Viral Videos of the Decade.

At Eleven Inc, Mike leads a thirty-person crew in the content department where they dream up “everything the consumer touches for a brand”—video, websites, advertising, social content, experiences, in-store display, and branded content.



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