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Rob Price

Founder, Executive Creative Director

Rob is on a crusade. In an age when the consumer’s appetite for content has grown insatiable, the craft of creating that content has seemingly become less important than the speed with which it’s churned out. But not for Rob.

Ever since Eleven opened in 1998, he’s refused to budge from the standards of thoughtful, intelligent craft that he expects from every writer, designer, and art director.

This quest for craft over compromise didn’t begin here, though. In the course of his long career, Rob has been a creative director at Apple (arguably the world’s most carefully crafted brand) and at Goodby Silverstein & Partners (one of our industry’s most honored agencies). Rob’s had a hand in crafting work for such admired brands as Virgin America, Apple, Starbucks, Disney, Google, AAA, Barclays, and Williams-Sonoma. Since 2008, he’s also served on the board of trustees of the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy.


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