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Ted Bluey

Creative Director

Ted is Eleven’s design guardian. He lends the keenest eye to projects and brings precision to his work that only a well-seasoned leader with his background can. Ted comes from a family of ocularists. During the Second World War, his grandfather fled Germany—the focal point of glass eye making at the time—and brought an experimental polymer formula with him to the US. This new plastic made it possible to precisely customize eyes, and it also helped fill an alarming artificial eye shortage after the war. Years later as an ocular colorist, Ted’s father met his soon-to-be wife—an intern at the same facility.

As a young boy, Ted was obsessed with his family’s collection of “oddballs”—prototypes in various shapes and colors that were never used. Inspired by their brilliance, Ted developed his own collection exclusively for taxidermy. Ted’s business, “The Endless See,” thrived. He had contracts up and down the Eastern Seaboard with taxidermists specializing in pet preservation. He even had a live client, the neighbor’s cat who’d lost its right eye to a raccoon.

What Ted enjoyed most, however, was developing his brand: He designed everything from the logo to packaging, and he even did his own product photography. In time, his passion for color, scale, and white space brought him to the world of advertising. And he hasn’t looked back since.

For over 20 years and on both coasts, Ted has brought his design vision to an array of clients, including Barclays, Dignity Health, Google, Virgin America, Treasury Wine Estates, and Visa. His awards from The One Show, D&AD, FWA, and Creativity are proudly displayed alongside the childhood eye his father crafted for guitar virtuoso Ry Cooder.


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